adjective – ˈdʒɛmɪneɪt,ˈdʒɛmɪnət/
1. 1. consisting of identical adjacent speech sounds; doubled.
verb – ˈdʒɛmɪneɪt/
1. double or repeat (a speech sound).


The Geminate Project is an ongoing series of interactive digital installations that use motion sensing cameras and gestural control devices. It stimulates playful and engaging interaction with passers by in public spaces.

Digital artists Adam Seaman & Jim Horsfield from As Described have just completed Geminate II  at Colonnade House, Worthing’s Creative Hub. Here’s a video showing the interaction and reaction.

Geminate II

Digital artists As Described developed “Geminate II”, the next evolution in their interactive audio-visual installation series of public artworks. Geminate II combined motion sensing infra-red cameras and gestural hand movement sensors along with cutting edge real-time video effects to stimulate engaging and playful digital encounters with members of the public that passed by.

Collaborating with Adam Seaman and Jim Horsfield from As Described were Oscar nominated composer Andrew Phillips who scored a unique interactive soundtrack to the work, and movement choreographer Jennifer Irons whose credits include the Rugby League World Cup 2013 Opening Ceremony.

Geminate II was hosted by Colonnade House, The Creative Hub in Worthing from 21st March to the 2nd April 2017, and was projected across the curved windows of the main gallery space that looks out onto the pedestrian walkway and towards Steyne Gardens. 

At the heart of this project was the ongoing questioning of how people behave in public spaces when an unusual environment invites playfulness, and the normal boundaries of daily experience are changed through movement and expression. By incorporating motion triggered interactivity and creative digital projections for it’s participants the Geminate project also seeked to introduce innovative new technologies to a wider public sphere, and thus broaden it’s appeal and awareness.

Geminate I

Originally commissioned by CSV Media in Ipswich and funded by Arts Council England we created the interactive digital installation Geminate in the town center locations of Ipswich and Lens, France during December 2014.

Geminate, as part of the Pylon Project, used emergent technologies to combine two communities, by inviting interactive realtime participation between the two towns, in virtual space.

Motion detecting cameras were located inside the former Co-op Department Store in Ipswich and the Town Hall in Lens, France. Movements were captured live, processed and visually synthesised within custom software, creating abstract videos on the windows. The projections from each location were blended together creating an evolving dialogue. Unique, unrepeatable, moments in time to explore.

Geminate occupied public space, and by its nature was open and accessible to all.

Media & Press

“Rarely have I encountered an installation that is so rewarding to engage with, it’s a fun life size screen app, one that plays with the idea of viewing and being viewed. What really slays it, is that it needs no explanation and everyone just gets it. The most unlikely people start dancing with each other, an elderly man stands transfixed, children jump for joy while parents chide them as they attempt to control the fervor of their ecstatic responses. Everyone becomes a performance artist in the grip of Geminate II.”  –

Click here to read the Here & Now magazine article about Geminate II 

Commission Geminate

We are now looking for opportunities to showcase Geminate and share the experience with more people.

Please contact us to discuss options and the different configurations available.

Jim Horsfield      +44(0) 7833 575334

Adam Seaman   +44(0) 7879 894008

Sponsors & Partners

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